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8-9 Program

Our 8-9 Program is an Online Home Learner Program.


Inside this program, students are assigned a mentor teacher who orients them to the school, supports them academically and socioemotionally, and collaborates with families to personalize each student’s school experience to meet their unique needs and succeed.


Parents and/or guardians are required to work closely with our mentor teachers, assure students are actively engaged in learning 25 hours per week, and provide additional supports, such as creating at home study spaces or providing mid-day transportation to and from school, as needed.


Students work largely online from home using Moodle. However, they also become part of YouLearn’s 8-9 cohort learning community and are occasionally required to participate in online curricular activities. In addition, several optional online and in person curricular events and activities, such as field trips, are organized to bring students together and facilitate peer-to-peer learning.   


Together we learn, together we grow,

YouLearn Staff


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