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10-12 Program

Our 10-12 Program is an Online Home Learner Program.


Inside this program, students are assigned a mentor teacher who will help them create a weekly study schedule, connect with them regularly about academic, social, and well-being needs, and regularly communicate graduation progress to parents/guardians.


Parents and/or guardians are expected to regularly monitor student progress and work with classroom and mentor teachers to support students when they struggle and fall behind their course completion timelines. In addition, parents/guardians may be asked to provide additional support to students, such as attending meetings, helping create home study spaces, or providing midday transportation to and from school, as needed.


Students are required to schedule approximately 6 hours/week per course of study time. As an online learner, Gr. 10-12 YouLearn students work largely online at distance from their teachers using Moodle. Students wanting to work out of one of our centres are welcome to contact their mentor teacher who will block them into one of our learning centres up to 3 hours per week/course. Students with scheduled learning centre times may have these blocks removed from their schedules for non-attendance. Additionally, students are welcome to make individual appointments with each of their classroom teachers to receive support either online or in person.


We pride ourselves in the partnerships we create with our families and look forward to working with you!  


Together we learn, together we grow,

YouLearn Staff


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